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PRESS Reviews

A brief selection of press reviews from past productions:

ON LAUREL & HARDY by Tom McGrath

(Directed by Philip Dart)  

“Neil Bromley and Simon Lloyd are excellent as Stan and Ollie, not just in perfecting their celebrated mannerisms but also in the cascade of scenes they deliver”

Quentin Letts, Daily Mail****

“A night of old-fashioned, melancholy fun celebrating the kind of comic chemistry that’s impossible to manufacture”

Sharon Lougher, Metro ****

“Lloyd and Bromley are enchanting as they navigate their way through … with able direction by Philip Dart, this is an enjoyable evening”

Jackie Cobham, Daily Telegraph ***

On The Riddle of the Sands

(Adapted and directed by Philip Dart)

“May I recommend a first-class two-man show. This is an adaptation of the novel The Riddle of the Sands by Erskine Childers. I can honestly say it was 90 minutes of pure, old-fashioned entertainment; skill, imagination and never a dull moment”

Mary Killen, The Spectator

“Jolly, brisk and beguiling”. *** “This stage version, adapted and directed by Philip Dart, has much in common with Patrick Barlow’s jocular take on Buchan’s The 39 Steps, which is still pleasing the crowds in the West End.”

The Times

“Based on Childers’ surprisingly compelling tale of Edwardian, Buchan-esque derring-do and espionage in the Baltic Sea, Philip Dart’s imaginatively directed adaptation is a neat bit of theatre making in a small space, which really does evoke both period and nautical flavour.”

The Stage

On Running for Glory

(Written & directed by Philip Dart)

“Philip Dart’s take on the tension between Harold Abrahams and Eric Liddell in the run up to the 1924 Paris Olympics is a fine piece of topical theatre.”

The Stage

“Written by Philip Dart, ‘Running for Glory’ offers a unique blend of theatre and sporting spectacle, re-creating all the excitement of an Olympic race for the small stage… A great evening’s theatre.”

Kent Life Magazine


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On The sea morgan's child

(Written & directed by Claudia Leaf)

"This timeless retelling of a near-forgotten legend is about loss, adoption, over-protectiveness, acceptance, pain, grief, happiness, rejection and exclusion. It's a lot to pack in to the playing time but Claudia Leaf's direction is eloquent. The result is a powerful and pretty topical piece."

Susan Elkin, The Stage

On Circling the Square for Juno Theatre, Salisbury

(Artistic director: Claudia Leaf)

"The intimate, arts centre layout enabled the audience to become utterly absorbed in the five plays ... An entertaining and thought-provoking evening."

Salisbury Journal

On The Tempest by William Shakespeare

(Directed by Claudia Leaf)

“Claudia Leaf deserves credit for her direction. Anyone who has not been entertained by Chalkfoot Theatre Arts should make one of their next productions a must-see.  You will not be disappointed.”

East Kent Mercury

“If you are going to be shipwrecked anywhere, then the grounds of St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury, must be one of the better options… There is a storm of talent in The Tempest.”

Herne Bay Times

On Utnapushtim & the Flood

(From "Creation"/"Liferites" tour)

Utnapushtim (Noah) written & directed by Claudia Leaf

"It is a slick, multi-mood show which is both moving and funny. The post-traumatic stress disorder take on Noah is imaginative and thoughtful. The immensely talented and versatile Delroy Brown gives us a Noah, 17 years after saving the famous pairs of animals and a handful of humans, tortured with drunken guilt about the non-survivors."

The Stage