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Pantomime reviews

A selection of reviews from Buxton's record-breaking pantomime, co-produced by the Scene Three Creative team


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Reviews of Sleeping Beauty (2017)

“It scores well in all departments and benefits hugely from Philip Dart’s witty and intelligent script, stuffed with puns, topical references and local colour.” (The Stage ****)

"One Panto production which never fails to disappoint is the annual festive offering at the beautiful Buxton Opera House ... I can safely say the pantomime at Buxton is still one of the best, this year’s offering of ‘Sleeping Beauty’ has all the amazing routines, all the cheeky jokes and all the Panto fun that one has come to expect from the Opera House in the peaks." (North West End)

“Philip Dart’s clever adaptation of the classic fairy tale is bursting at the seams with the gags and glamour we expect from a pantomime and is the perfect family show.” (Artsbeat)

Reviews of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2016/17)

“Philip Dart has been writing and directing pantomimes for the Opera House for 25 years now – so it’s fitting that this milestone anniversary can be celebrated with a resounding hit. Once again he has come up with a lively script that includes fresh jokes and clever innovations.”  (The Stage ****)

“There’s no better way to fully experience a panto than to see it at a matinée in the responsive company of 500 primary school kids. They whoop and clap from the start, especially when Snow White and the Prince kiss on first meeting. When the panto is Snow White in this fairy-tale white and gold-encrusted theatre, you can’t beat it.” (Manchester Theatre Awards)

"I’ve not attended the Buxton Opera House pantomime before, but I, and my young co-reviewers were impressed enough that it may well be the first choice next year. If you haven’t booked your panto tickets yet, and Buxton is an option, check it out, you will be assured of a well-crafted, traditional and family-friendly experience. Oh Yes You Will!" (What's Good to Do)


Reviews of Cinderella (2013/14)

“There’s plenty of magic and sparkle for everyone to enjoy.  The Buxton panto is always a highlight and this year it’s better than ever.”

Derbyshire Times

“Perfectly pitched offering which scores highly in pretty much every department. From the moment Sarah Thomas steps on stage as Fairy Godmother, played in the guise of our own dear Queen, youngsters are transfixed and willingly lap up the well-told story now given a lively, modern script courtesy of Philip Dart”

The Stage (Neil Bonner)

“The performance itself was fabulous, a very witty traditional Cinderella pantomime with a modern twist.”; ”Took my grandma, son (4) and mother in law and we all had the most fantastic night.  We will be booking seats for next year’s panto for sure”; ”Fantastic panto, great cast!  What more can I say?”

Audience comments on Trip Advisor website

Reviews of Peter Pan (2012/13)

“This is a quality show that scores highly in all departments, from the super cast to the effective scenery and delightful dancing … there’s always a new treat around the corner.  A lovely production from start to finish.”

The Stage

“This is a show to warm the heart and tickle the ribs, sending us out of the flying Pan into the foyer feeling all the better for the entertainment.”

Manchester  Theatre Awards

Reviews of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2011/12)

“Smutty jokes and innuendo may be all part of the panto tradition – but you can succeed without them, just as long as you have a clever, witty script and a host of creative ideas which this show has in spades.  It’s as squeaky clean as Snow White herself but there’s still plenty to entertain and amuse theatre-goers of all ages.”

The Stage

“This is one you won’t want to miss.  It’s a polished, upbeat version of Snow White, with the best seven dwarfs I’ve seen in a long time”

Derbyshire Times

Review of Aladdin (2010/11)

“This is not Philip Dart’s only break with tradition.  He’s set the story in Baghdad rather than Peking, but it works just as well…with fine music, talented dancers and imaginative staging, this is a hugely enjoyable affair.”

 The Stage

 Reviews of Dick Whittington (2009/10)

“This show proves that you don’t necessarily need massive names and blank-cheque production values to achieve a fine, honest-to-goodness traditional panto.  A solid cast, lively script and easy-on-the-easy staging is a must, though – and this one ticks all those boxes and more.”

 The Stage

 “Bright, colourful, musical and all good clean fun.  It’s jolly, homely and a real treat for the kids”

 Manchester Evening News

 Reviews of Cinderella (2008/09)

“Producer Philip Dart and his team, for Channel Productions and BOH, know their stuff when it comes to providing a traditional family panto”

Manchester Evening News

“Buxton Opera House certainly knows how to throw a good panto.  This year’s is one of the best.  It’s colourful and pacy, with a lot of traditional jokes and a few topical ones.”

Lynne Patrick, Derbyshire Times

“Having not seen a pantomime for many years, I’d honestly forgotten just how much fun could be had by all at such an event and this production of “Cinderella” certainly did not disappoint!  I was soon roaring with laughter (louder than my niece and nephew in fact) along with the rest of the audience.” 

Review by a member of the public on Buxton Opera House website