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A regular news update for the creative company Scene Three Creative describing past events and future projects


Following two intensive days of auditions in London last month, Dick Whittington is now fully cast and we are looking forward to working with the very talented team we have brought together for the production, which opens on 8th December at Buxton Opera House.

Philip is currently enjoying his return to DSL, for whom he is directing Ring Round the Moon - a romantic comedy of mistaken identities by Christopher Fry and Jean Anouilh.  The show opens at the New Diorama Theatre with performances on 17th and 18th July.

Claudia is currently enjoying creating articles for a national magazine client on topics that relate to the quirky side of Britain, from cat cafes to bog snorkelling.  These articles showcase the more eccentric, weird and wonderful side of British life, and she is not expecting to run out of subjects anytime soon!

Claudia Leaf