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Christmas is coming and we’re up to our eyes in preparation for Dick Whittington at Buxton Opera House, with James Holmes (‘Clive’ from MIRANDA) as Dame and Gabrielle Green (‘Katrina’ from CBBC’s award-winning series WOLFBLOOD) as Alice Fitzwarren. We’re delighted to welcome back Alasdair Baker as Alderman Fitzwarren and the wonderful Matthew Jay Ryan in the title role. Also joining the cast are Alistair Lee (King Rat); Charley Vincent (Tommy the Cat); Rosie Coles (Fairy Bow Bells); Richard Blackman (Percy the Pest Controller) and Charlotte Harrison (Warrior Queen).

On the copywriting front it’s been great to get to work on a range of new projects, including case studies for an award-winning digital agency and brochure copy for a leading London structural steel company.

Dick Whittington opens on 8th December at Buxton Opera House and plays until 30th December. Meanwhile we’re off to London, where we’ve heard the streets are paved with gold.

James Holmes Gabrielle Green landscape.jpg

James Holmes as Sarah the Cook and Gabrielle Green as Alice Fitzwarren

Claudia Leaf