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"We absolutely loved the script and last week performed it to 4 packed houses in our Village Hall. It was a huge success. A very funny script. Certainly a cut above the normal amateur scripts available on the net." Take Your SEAT Panto Group Northamptonshire on "Snow White"

"People are saying it's the funniest panto we've done in years.  We had full houses and lots of lovely comments, thank you!" Radhope Hall Players on "Cinderella"

"Exactly to our specification.  Very pleased with it and we are all looking forward to creating the production" The Malvern Theatre Players on "Aladdin".

Below you will find a list of titles available from Scene Three Creative.  Please get in touch if you'd like a reading copy emailed over.


Cast size: 2-4f, 6-7m (can be played by 9 performers with some doubling) plus chorus.  A fresh interpretation of the well-loved story of the princess who falls asleep for a hundred years.  This script gives producers the option of playing Maleficent as male or female and features a time-travelling fairy called Emmeline.  Princess Aurora's dotty father is an inventor who fancies himself as Doc Brown in 'Back to the Future', while Billy (the Court Everything) does all the jobs in the palace and dreams of making it to Love Island.

"Wittily-scripted and winningly performed pantomime" **** The Stage

"Peter Pan"

Cast size: 4-5m, 4-6f, 7 juvenile boys plus chorus A brand new adaptation of ‘Peter Pan’ that seamlessly blends JM Barrie’s story with everything that’s great about traditional panto.  The comedy is provided by loveable pirate Smee and his daft sidekick Jellylegs Jake, but our Peter Pan panto script contains plenty of room for magic and adventure, as the irrepressible Peter locks swords with a scary Captain Hook aboard the Jolly Roger. This Peter Pan pantomime offers excellent roles for juvenile actors and young chorus members, with the chorus variously taking on roles as Victorian ragamuffins, Lost Boys, Red Indians and mermaids.

“A show to warm the heart and tickle the ribs” – Manchester Theatre Awards review

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

Cast size: 5m, 3f plus 7 children and chorus This “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” delivers lots of familiar characters, including a lovable but slightly off-the-wall Muddles who yearns to give up his job as court jester in order to grow vegetables in the castle gardens.  His mum is castle cook Dame Dolly Dewdrop, whose signature dishes are more ‘greasy spoon’ than Delia Smith.  There’s also a great role for a man-hungry Wicked Queen who has decided to give up her search for rich old kings so she can bag herself a toyboy prince. If you’re looking for a Snow White panto script that equally entertains adults and children, this “Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs” is the perfect choice.

“A clever, witty script and a host of creative ideas which this show has in spades.” – The Stage


Cast size: 6m, 2f plus chorus ‘Aladdin’ swaps the streets of Peking for ancient Baghdad, although our hero can still be found working – or rather trying to avoid work – in his long suffering mother’s laundry.  Combining comic set pieces with topical jokes, this entertaining Aladdin panto script includes a hilarious spoof of TV antiques shows, when Widow Twankey, Aladdin and Wishee Washee disguise themselves as ‘expert valuers’ in an attempt to recover the magic lamp from Abanazar.

“A hugely enjoyable affair.” – The Stage

"Dick Whittington" 

Cast size: 6m, 3f plus chorus With a suitably scary Cockney gangster King Rat matched by a bubbly East End Spirit of the Bells, the story of Dick Whittington is retold in traditional style, but with the addition of some witty topical references, including a “Britain’s Got Talent” spoof at the beginning of Act II. This Dick Whittington panto script offers some hilarious comic set pieces and a cast of truly memorable characters “Bright, colourful, musical and all good clean fun.  

"It’s jolly, homely and a real treat for the kids.” – Manchester Evening News


Cast size: 6m, 3f plus chorus With a pair of Ugly Sisters whose verbal exchanges could strip paint, this Cinderella script offers a witty, fast-moving retelling of the UK’s favourite panto story. In this version of ‘Cinderella’ Baron Hardup is an eccentric inventor who tries out his latest gadgets on the hapless Buttons. The Ugly Sisters will use anything to get their man, including a giant hunting net!

“Producer Philip Dart and his team, for Channel Productions and BOH, know their stuff when it comes to providing a traditional family panto” Philip Radcliffe, Manchester Evening News

"Jack and the Beanstalk"

Cast size: 5m, 4f plus chorus Good hearted, traditional panto at its best, with a quirky, forgetful fairy (who frequently needs reminding which pantomime she’s in), a gruesome giant’s henchman and a loveable dancing cow. Strong storytelling with all the traditional elements audiences expect from a Jack and the Beanstalk panto script.

“Good, honest, old fashioned entertainment” – The Stage

Banner image: Steve Nallon and Joseph Elliott in Jack and the Beanstalk