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Buxton Chorus FAQ

FAQ Chorus Participation in “Sleeping Beauty” at Buxton Opera House

What will this mean for my child?

Your child will have the opportunity to take part in alternate performances during three-week run in one of the region's most prestigious theatres, working with an experienced choreographer and a fully professional cast. The team at CTP Pantomimes Ltd has been responsible for presenting the Buxton Opera House pantomime for over 25 years, during which time the show has grown in profile and popularity.  The juvenile chorus has received huge praise from audiences and the press and many parents have told us that their children's confidence has been significantly improved by appearing in the show.

However, the production requires hard work and absolute professionalism. Taking part will be extremely exciting but also very tiring for children involved.

What will this mean for me?

You will need to support your child during this time, offering lifts and making sure that they are safe between rehearsals and performances.  Your child will receive £4 towards expenses for each performance attended but you will incur additional costs, including travel, parking and food during working days.  You will also need to provide some items of costume (see below).

Child safety

Your child with be looked after by registered chaperones who have been DBS checked.  All other production staff who may be left alone with your child (wardrobe staff, choreographer, etc) will also have undergone a DBS check.   Boys and girls will use separate dressing rooms.

Our staff members - including chaperones - need to take breaks and we ask that you take responsibility for children at this time, either by arranging for yourself or someone you trust to pick them up and look after them during break times or by signing a form agreeing that they are able to leave the rehearsal room or theatre on their own (at which time they will not be the responsibility of the theatre or the production company). The theatre is a busy, working building and therefore not a suitable environment for young people: regrettably we are unable to agree to children remaining in the building unsupervised during breaks.

Transport and car sharing

We will put you in touch with other parents so you can share car journeys but we cannot guarantee that your child will end up in a team with your preferred car-share partner.  You must therefore be sure that you or someone you trust is available to drive your child to rehearsals and shows (for most performances your child will need to arrive 35 minutes before the performance is due to start).

You may want to calculate the potential cost of these journeys, as expenses can mount up, depending on how far you have to travel.  You will also need to provide money for food or a packed lunch on days when your child is not at home.


Our costume department will provide the costumes for the show but you will need to provide certain accessories, including dance shoes and tights (a list will be provided nearer the time).  All costumes (except those items that you have provided) must be returned to CTP Pantomimes at the end of the run.

Christmas performances

There will be no performances on Christmas Day itself but, depending on which team your child is in, they will be involved in performances either on Christmas Eve on or Boxing Day.  You may want to think about how that will affect your family Christmas.

School absences

You will need to apply to your child's school for permission for him or her to be absent for a number of days.  Schools are increasingly reluctant to release children these days and many will only agree to give permission if the child in question has an excellent attendance record.  If your child has a less than perfect record, or if you have any doubts about the school's attitude towards absences, you should ask at the earliest possible opportunity about the chances of your child being released.

Most schools will only formally agree to the child's absence when you can give them the exact days he or she will be off school.  This information will be available shortly after the auditions if your child is offered a place.

The best way to discuss participation with the school is to talk about it in terms of work experience - if your child wants to perform, this will be a valuable learning opportunity for them in terms of their future career.

Performance licences

Your child must be licensed to perform by your local authority.  Buxton Opera House will do the paperwork, but you will be required to provide documentation and information. In the lead-up to the first performances you will be asked to provide the following information:

Information required by CTP Pantomimes Ltd. as soon as possible:

  • A letter from school granting permission for the child to be absent for the dates in question (this must be on school letterhead, signed by someone in authority)

  • A letter from you giving your permission as the child's parent or guardian for the child to perform (please note this must carry your name as parent or guardian, your full postal address and your signature)

In due course we will also ask you to fill out and sign the following forms:

  • a form that allows your child to leave the building on his or her own duringbreaks in rehearsals and between performances (if you do not sign this you will need to pick up your child)

  • a form asking you to agree to your child being photographed/videoed

  • a form asking for emergency contact names and numbers and information about any medical conditions

  • costume measurement form

Information required by Buxton Opera House (please don't send this information until you are asked to provide it by the theatre):

a.    2 passport-size photos

b.    A copy of your child's birth certificate

c.    A statement that child is fit and well enough to perform - you can either make a note on the licence application form at end of Part Ior provide this as a separate note.

d.    Doctor's certificate or letter (only for children who live in Stockport area).


Booking performances:

Your child will be entitled to two free tickets for performances during the production run (not Saturday matinees, Christmas Eve or Boxing Day).  However, please don't try to claim these tickets until we confirm we have sent the chorus names through to box office (normally in October).  We will let you know as soon as this has been done.



First rehearsal: Friday 6th (evening), Saturday 7th (daytime), Sunday 8th (daytime) October, rehearsing in Buxton. 

Intensive rehearsals: 13th November to 8th December, with daytime rehearsals from 7th December up to the first public performance on 9th December.

Performances: 9th - 31st December



We will conduct the majority of our correspondence through email.  If you are unable to use email then please let us know which form of communication works best for you.  Initially your named contact will be Claudia Leaf from Scene Three Creative (which is a part of CTP Pantomimes).  Later on when your child's licence is processedyou will deal with Buxton Opera House directly.  During later rehearsals and performances the production stage manager will be in contact with you.

Parents are asked to respond as quickly as possible to all communications - in the case of email we ask you to acknowledge all messages received by return so we know that you have seen the important information regarding your child's participation and welfare.

Please note that failure to respond with required information within reasonable time, repeated late arrival for rehearsal calls, abusive behaviour (by a parent or child towards anyone involved in the production)  may mean your child will be asked to leave the show.




This is a major commitment and acceptance means that your child attends every rehearsal and performance.   

It is an absolute requirement of acceptance that your child does not take part in any other auditions, rehearsals or performances during the final phase of rehearsals for Sleeping Beauty (13th November onwards) or during the run of the production.  However we recognise that sometimes an exceptional circumstance occurs and we are therefore willing to agree to release your child for one day only if there is a pressing need (however it is important for health and safety reasons that children are not released during technical and dress rehearsals in the theatre). Please arrange this at least two weeks in advance with CTP Pantomimes.

We look forward to working with you and your child.  If you have any other questions about your child's participation, please don't hesitate to email